The Best Shopping Experience for Women and their Pups.

Our name, Ellebelle, is inspired by the French phrase, meaning “She is Beautiful”, because we believe women who love animals and give back represent true beauty. Our mission is to empower women to be their kind, authentically beautiful selves by inspiring them to love dogs and give back.
Ellebelle is a brand specifically tailored to dog moms who deserve exceptional service, and a lifestyle that includes their pets. In our trendsetting online store, we offer clothing and accessories for women and their dogs, along with exceptional customer service to our shoppers. If you are passionate about helping the thousands of pets who are in need of a loving home, you will love our brand.

Our mission is to empower women to be their kind, authentically beautiful selves. We make a difference with positive change. Each purchase provides food, shelter, veterinary care, supplies, and the chance for a homeless pet to be adopted to a loving home.


Ellebelle is making a difference in the lives of homeless pets by donating a percentage of proceeds to help local animal shelters and rescues. Our goal is to see every dog find a loving forever home by elevating the adoption process. Our belief is that every dog deserves a chance at a happy life. That's why we partner with animal shelters and dog rescues to elevate the adoption experience and in turn, increase the number of pets adopted into loving forever homes. You can shop at ElleBelle knowing you have made a difference in a dog's life. 
We have many plans for the future of our Dog Mom brand as we continue to make a difference with
The ARC Foundation by Ellebelle.


We value high-end experiences and kindness. 
We believe our customers (girls and their dogs) deserve exceptional service.

Raise Awareness of Adoption to help the Thousands of Homeless Pets Who Deserve Loving Forever Homes

Develop a Foundation within our business model that Elevates the Adoption Process to Help Match Dogs with their Forever Homes

Build a Brand that brings Women and their Dogs together to share memories and experiences in a pet friendly lifestyle.